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Based in Sheffield, Charlotte Dawson is an artist working across object-based practice and installation. Her practice is influenced by the materials and objects found in public and shared spaces alongside objects that reference collective experiences. Her practice is primarily concerned with the implementation of commonplace objects as vessels for memory. Including concepts of souvenir-hood, collections - both personal and historical and the utilisation of objects in the formation of social histories and a building of self.

Often working in series, Charlotte's work plays with concepts of the hand-made-mass-produced. Referencing industrial processes through repetition whilst contextualising her pieces within collections. Language both visual and written underpins her practice, with explorations into the marks and traces of others within spaces, the stories or histories surrounding objects and how divergence from expected materials can create new narratives around familiar forms.


Set in Sediment Exhibition Review 2019 - Selina Oakes 

Here/There Exhibition Handout,
Abingdon Studios 2022

Corridor 8 - Here/There Review - Abingdon Studios, Blackpool. 2022

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